Friday, October 14, 2011

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas!

So, my vision for this blog is just the beginning of a larger picture. I would like for this place to be one full of USEFUL information and links, a place for networking and asking questions, and an outlet for my desire to add some "umph" to the local film production market. I would like to provide an almost daily blog entry with information on a location, person, production or piece of equipment that I think would prove helpful for most people who read it. I will seek out new ways to help promote professionalism, increased knowledge and training opportunities, and ways connect other people. This blog will serve to merge the great networking potential of Facebook and the information available through Film Commissions with the investigative and resourceful nature of myself and my closest colleagues - all while having fun.

With this, I want to help people do three things:

1. Find help with productions and career advancement opportunities,
2. Connect with others for the purpose of jointly promoting our area's industry (as opposed to neighboring cities and states), and
3. Be entertained - by bringing my own and others' silly twist on things.

And I will end on a note expecting some response. What do you think?