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Below are photos of some of Courtney's production design work. Email for more info this service

What Carlos Tovar says about Courtney's work on webseries "More Than Human" (
"In addition to being an on-set producer and the production designer, she also designed multiple special effects sequences, as well as building props and dressing various sets. She was everywhere at once and she was one of the reasons that the show came into being."


Set Dresser - Clean & Clear "See the Real Me: Julia" - See project here:

Production Designer - Music video "Trouble" by Nick Greer & The G's - See here:

GETTING SCHOOLED (2014) - Production Designer
 A movie set in a school in 1983.

THE PICKAXE MURDERS PART 3 (2014) - Production Designer
Signs for two scenes, one in 1987 and another for a flashback.

KILLING MR. RIGHT (2014) - Set Dresser
Screen shot - police office scene.
 BRIGHT IDEAS (2014) - Set Dresser
A prop magazine being used in a scene.
Behind the scenes, set dressing a restaurant scene.
MORE THAN HUMAN (2013) - Production Designer
Behind the scenes photo
- creating the "geokenesis" floating chunk of Earth trick. 

HAUNTED TRAILER (2013) - Production Designer

Courtney designed, built and dressed entire living room,

bedroom, bathroom, hallway and kitchen sets for the movie.

DOLL FACTORY (2013) - Production Designer
Behind the scenes photos.

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