Courtney joined forces with Writer/Director Chuck Norfolk again on their second feature Getting SchooledThis 80's flashback horror flick stars Mayra Leal (Machete, Playing House), Tom Long, Roland Ruiz, Jacob Byrd, Susan Ly and Morgan Tyler. It also features a cameo by Ron Jeremy as "Janitor Dan".

Courtney says, in an article on the website for the hugely popular horror magazine FANGORIA:
“We fully intend this to be an intense but funky thrill ride of a movie—gore and suspense splashed across a quirky, colorful new-wave ’80s backdrop. Fans of John Hughes movies and horror films will be intrigued, I’m sure—and I hope they will be pleased after watching it!”

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 The Haunted Trailer is a comedy/supernatural spoof starring Ron Jeremy, Joe Grisaffi, Lauren Leal, Jeremy James Douglas Norton, Jake Byrd and Steven Joseph. Featuring Roxy Vandiver, Nick Nicholson and Kasey James.

Directed by Chuck Norfolk, with Pine Heart Productions' Courtney Sandifer Producing and as head of all Production Design.

Available on DVD July 22, 2014!  PRE-ORDER NOW at these fine establishments

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Please contact the production at www.thehauntedtrailermovie.com for more information.


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