Thursday, June 27, 2013

Short Film "Occupational Hazard" Now Available

Fans of horror, or comedy, or horror-comedy might enjoy our short film entry for last year's SplatterFest Weekend of Mayhem. It is now publicly available and posted here for your convenience. It stars some of the best Houston-based actresses you can come by. Allison Keogh as the antagonist, Karina Pal-Montano as the hero, and Susan Ly, Brittany Djie, Tracy Collins and Elizabeth Redpath in supporting roles.

The full credits are listed on IMDB here: Please give us a "like" and check out our individual pages as well, to see what we're all up to!

"Occupational Hazard" was written, shot, scored and edited over one 54-hour weekend, and included certain elements as designated by SplatterFest (a character, weapon, line of dialog and theme). This version was slightly enhanced by some editing after the competition was over. Thanks for watching!

A car full of girls pulls up to a mechanic shop, where a stuttering woman with a veiled agenda greets them. The girls are tied up and tortured, when one engages a special power that catches the villain off guard.

(Viewer discretion advised: HARSH LANGUAGE AND GORE)