Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Catching up!

A lot has been happening with our short films in the past few months. Here's the scoop!

A short but sweet, 3-minute-movie we produced called "My Eyes" has made its mark at a couple of events - on two separate continents! This short film is based on a poem by Andy Smith, who beautifully and descriptively shares his perspective as a man with Asperger Syndrome (an Autism Spectrum disorder). 

First, it screened in England, at Artsbridge - the Sowery Bridge Arts Festival. It was part of a selection of films in a film festival event. Read more about this festival at http://artsbridge.co.uk. 

Second, at the Make it Rain For Autism Awareness event in Katy, Texas. The event description reads: "Both filmmakers, Chris Spisak and Courtney Blake Sandifer have children who have been diagnosed with autism. Families with children in the autism spectrum are well aware of the difficulties associated with teaching their children how to overcome their difficulties and integrate into a "normal" environment both in and out of school. Both of the organizations that we have chosen to highlight for our event, The Parish School and Dionysus Theatre, provide education, support, and numerous extracurricular activities to young people in a safe and supportive environment that embraces their differences and helps them grow. We sincerely hope that those who attend and support our event will take note of the amazing work being done on a daily basis at these institutions and have a better understanding of autism, the children who have it, and how they can be supported."

Our short film "Easy as Pie" screened on January 30th, alongside some other lovely local short films at the Spring Film Group Clearing the Slate event at Alamo Drafthouse Vintage Park. The Spring Film Group is a non-profit organization "committed to creating an opportunity for education, experience and exposure in film." Spring is an area on the North side of Houston, TX. It's a very active area for filmmakers! http://springfilmgroup.org

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