Tuesday, May 8, 2012

So, My Mom is an Armwrestler...

A World Champion Armwrestler.  No, I’m not kidding. Yes, my real mom…in real life. 

Her name is Michele. She’s somewhere over 50, a grandmother, recently separated and lives in rural North Louisiana. She’s feminine, smart, and very silly. She is known as “the Coke Lady”, because she’s worked for the local Coca-cola distributor for about 15 years. She’s also a 1999 World Champion arm wrestler, and going back into the sport after a 12-year hiatus.

A few weeks ago, on the bittersweet birthday of my late niece, I called to check on her. Surprisingly, she was in the middle of coloring her hair, and she announced she was going to start training to arm wrestle again. I couldn’t believe the crazy change of direction that day, for both of us. I was immediately compelled, by common sense and my filmmaker boyfriend, to find a camera.

My mom is modest. She’s also forgiving – to a fault. She’s imperfect and yes, even gets on my nerves sometimes. But, she’s incredibly strong and I can’t think of a better metaphor for what she’s taught me in life than to do exactly what she’s doing now. Defeated? Then get back up and keep going. Reach a goal…or completely fail to reach one?  Then make a new one and keep going. The important thing is to see the light at the end of the tunnel and KEEP GOING.

My mom’s story has been in my “filmmaker” consciousness for a while now. Now, there’s not really an option. I HAVE to do this. I plan to make a feature length documentary that follows her through the summer as she trains and participates in tournaments. It will also tell the story of how she got into this whole thing to start with. Her first tournament is on June 9th, in Houston, TX. The National Championships are in August. Maybe we’ll even get to follow her across the globe for another World Championship run later in the year.

So, my Mom is an arm wrestler. I’m going to make a movie about her. And, I need some help. I’m hoping to raise the first $2500 for the movie before her first tournament (June 9, 2012). This would help pay for food, gas, legal fees for paperwork and production insurance, equipment and a couple of key crew.

Any money given will go straight to Pine Heart Productions as a donation, and in return you will get a “Special Thanks” in the credits of the film and on the website. We’ll take anything from $10 to $250. (If you are interested in giving more than that, please email me.) Use the link at the top, right of the page to donate easily through Paypal (it's very secure). Donate in someone else's honor if you'd like. Just send me a message with details.

I will personally consider every dollar a vote of confidence. However, spreading the word for us will not be underestimated. Thanks for reading about this project, and I hope to uplift you with good news in the near future!

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