Thursday, June 21, 2012

Round One: Mother vs. Daughter?

So, my mom has begun her attempted comeback. She's making contacts with old teammates. The ball is rolling. Footage has started piling up. Why do I feel like things aren't really even started yet? Well, it could have something to do with the fact that I was coaxed into armwrestling her...and proved to be quite the formidable opponent. This could get weird!

The first tournament she attended was on June 9th at Lucky's Pub, hosted by the Houston Armwrestling Association. Unfortunately, the only women competing that day would be my mom and I, and one very sweet, attractive, nurse in a weight class below us. Her name is Courtney Erdmann and she's actually a Texas state champ. She easily took down me AND my mom. Yep, that was quick. (We got an interview and pointers afterwards with her, too. One of the many cool people we met that day.)

The third match was Michele Branscum vs. Courtney Sandifer. Everyone around the table started out giggling and making jokes as we "gripped up". Then the referee said, "Go!"...

My mom and I were locked in the middle of the table for what seemed like forever! The crowd got louder as we went on. I laughed and strained and said, "Oh my GOD!" at least once. About two minutes in, my mom fouled - her elbow went off the table. (You get 2 fouls before you're disqualified.) Wow. I told her I wouldn't LET her win, but I didn't know I'd give her that much trouble. After a 60 second break, we grip up and start again. She started wearing me down and about a minute later, she pinned my wrist down and beat me.

Like the dork that I am, I'm still reflecting on it almost 2 weeks later. I'll save the good stuff for the camera, but I CAN tell you that my mom called me this week - on speaker phone at her sister's house, cousins gathered 'round - and challenged me.

 "I heard you were starting to work out now? Are your gonna try to beat me?"
"Well, yes, mother, I am."
"Okay, then. Let's do this."

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