Monday, July 9, 2012


So, I really want to beat my mom at armwrestling. Truly. She and I had a good bout at the last tournament, and it felt good to think, "Hmm...I might be good at this, too!" But - If I can be honest with you - I am much more interested in making a movie about her than beating her at armwrestling. The time I've spent on the film, and NOT on my upper body strength (although I DID get a gym membership), for the past month shows right where my priorities are.

This is where the funny little paradox occurs. My mom and I are different and similar, at the same time. We are together in this. However, each of us have to reach our separate goals for it to be successful. You see, I spend at least as much time on my "craft" as she spends working out and preparing for her sport. I'd rather the film come out looking great than for me to win at armwrestling. She'd rather armwrestle than worry about what looks good on camera.

Essentially, by going forward with this project we are holding each other accountable to reaching our own goals. We made a pact: If she's going to armwrestle, I'm going to make a movie about her. If I'm going to make a movie about her, she's going to armwrestle. We are simultaneously supporting each others dreams, by doing the best that we can on something we absolutely love doing.

Trippy?'s neat how life ends up this way sometimes. Onward to Saturday, the next armwrestling tournament and shooting day! Although, keep in mind, I never said I wouldn't armwrestle again. I just said I haven't been practicing...

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