Saturday, February 22, 2014

Autism Awareness Short Films in Production

As the weather warms up and development on "Kids vs. Zombies" continues to move forward, we pushed a short film project forward to production  - one that is very close to my heart. "Easy as Pie"  is a narrative dramatic short film about a day in the life of "Karen" and her family. It is meant to show just a peek into one family's experience with this great, mysterious epidemic we call the Autism Spectrum.

"Easy as Pie" shows one mother's struggle to deal with the normal stresses of life alongside the routinely erratic (yes, routinely erratic) happenings of a household dealing with the Autism spectrum. This short film stars Sara Gaston, Joe Grisaffi, Katelyn Merricks and young Sophia Eden (pictured below). The cinematography is by Orlando Briones of OC Films. Check back here or our Facebook page for updates.

As a complimentary piece to "Easy as Pie", Pine Heart Productions is compiling home made videos from other families affected by Autism to create a mini-documentary, just in time for "Autism Awareness Month" in April. We are accepting videos from anyone willing to submit! Please see the instructions below to participate.

In the mean time, enjoy this sweet video starring my daughter and her friends! And take their advice, with the help of Sara Bareilles: Be brave - say what needs to be said!

Thanks for reading and supporting our work.

Record yourself (or borrow someone else's fingers to hit record!) discussing what Autism/Asperger's means to YOU, choosing 5 WORDS that most describe your experience with it.

This can be done a parent, teacher, service provider, friend or anyone on the spectrum themselves. All ages welcome. Videos can be made on your phone, webcam or a fancy camera. Please make your video between 30 seconds - 3 minutes long & FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS:

 1. Start by introducing yourself. Example: "Hi, my name is ________, and I am a __________ of/with Autism (or Asperger's Syndrome)".
2. Then describe your 5 words that most explain Autism to you. Example: "My 5 words are "She's different but not less." or "Not grief, hope and determination." (Be creative - they don't have to make a full sentence!)
3. Explain your experience with Autism.
4. Either email me the file (.mp4 or .mov) or send through to:
-----> <-----
5. I will email you back a release form and then let you know when the movie is edited together! You can share it with everyone in time for Autism awareness month (April)!

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